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Ever notice that you can start and finish a run (a walk, bike ride, or anything for that matter) in the exact same place,  but when you come back, and your starting point has now become your finish line – somehow everything now  looks oh-so-much nicer, prettier, sparklier??



Accomplishment will do that for you.

The sunset will now miraculously be 10x more beautiful than it was before. Notice it the next time you finish your workout – whatever it is you might be doing – your trip home from the gym, a walk you’ve been meaning to make the time for, so on and so forth.


Notice how great it looks.

Take a picture of it.

Share your finish line.

Revel in your accomplishment.



I don’t care if you just took the dog for an extra long walk – the point is, you got out there and moved, and things are lookin’ up.



It’s just one more layer of positive to add to that great feeling you get when you get out there and take one more step toward reaching your goals.

And on the days when you’re needing a little extra motivation to get up and out, take a look back at the nice little collection you’ve built, and I’m willing to bet, it’ll be a little easier to get those sneakers on and get out the door.




I’ll be waiting to see them. And once you share one – I’ll be waiting for more.
(A little accountability never hurt anyone, right?)



Instagram the hell out of them, Tweet them, put them on my Facebook page…

Use #finishline and tag @findyourbeet and let us all revel in your success..Don’t forget to tag with @findyourbeet or we won’t see it!

Unless you tell me otherwise, I’ll share your images in the gallery Here – it’s great to look at them all together and see how much we’ve all accomplished!


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