Loving these two Gratitude Apps.

Remember that little chat we had about Gratitude and all the amazing things it will do for you?

Just a fun little follow up. I’ve got a couple great apps that’ll help you stick to your new gratitude-diary-keeping habits, making you a happier human overall.

Happier1. If you’re more of the social, sharing type, and one that enjoys giving and receiving support to/from others, check out Happier.

Use the app to participate in this gratitude sharing community. Share your grateful thoughts, images, videos, etc. within the community (or with select friends, or even keep them private if you like). Community members then lend support by commenting or just clicking to say that your moment made them smile too.

Hey, Sometimes moments are just too good to keep to yourself, and this is great for those moments.

GratJournal2. If you’re more of the private type and just want something that makes gratitude journaling more convenient with easy access, but for your eyes only (it even has optional password protection), then Gratitude Journal is for you.

What I love is that you can set a daily reminder for whatever time you like. No falling off the ‘gratitude’ wagon!

You can go back to any day, week, etc. and see what you had to be grateful for in that moment. How great to see weeks and weeks worth of things you have to be grateful for, all collected in one place. You can  media to your posts in this app as well.

We all need a little help to help keep us on track, and these are two great options. Thanks Amy and Court for the discoveries!

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